LHS 75th Reunion Refund Request Form

Please complete and submit the form below by ­­November 16, 2020, to be eligible to receive your refund.

Refund Request form

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Tickets Purchased

‘Leaside Live’ event tickets will be refunded at full value. Gala Banquet tickets will be refunded at 85% of the value of your ticket price. Please complete the information below for the number of tickets you have purchased.

Leaside Live tickets purchased

Tickets were $15 and are refunded in full.

Gala banquet tickets purchased

Please make sure that you select the correct category. These tickets are refunded at 85%. 

Early bird tickets: $125 x 85% = $106.25 each
Discounted tickets: $150 x 85% = $127.50 each
Regular tickets: $165 x 85% = $140.25 each


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