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This facebook page is the official LHS Alumni Association

To get on our email list please go to our website. We are also looking for Volunteers to help with the 75th Reunion your help is much needed to make this a successful event.

Go to www.LeasideHighSchool.com and register today.

Our next Leaside High School Alumni Association meeting is at 6:30 pm Tuesday June 12 at LHS. All former students and teachers are welcome. We will be meeting in the library with the goal of forming the actual committee to oversee the 75th Reunion Celebrations in Oct.2020. If you want to give back and be a part of the organizing please come to the meeting. First and foremost we are looking for a Chairperson and Fundraiser as well as other positions. Go to our website LeasideHighSchool.com and sign up on our email list. Seas Gu Dileas